Charles Breese

SMARTCO Research

is a market terminal focused on AIM listed and pre-IPO (ie within two years of targeting IPO) companies conforming to an investment template developed by Charles Breese (SMARTCOs). It is a component of Larpent Newton’s SMARTCO Select investment services.


In the early 1980s Charles had the insight that the recent economic turmoil would come - people behaving as though they were wealthy supported mainly by ever rising property prices was unsustainable. Accordingly he developed a behavioural investment tool to identify SMARTCOs ie companies likely to thrive throughout longer term economic cycles (including periods of turmoil) - the tool is based on an analysis of the principles applied by people who build businesses to compete on the basis of value rather than price.

Key Features of SMARTCOs

  1. commercialising game changing technology with the potential to provide solutions to global problems ie exporters.
  2. providing economic benefits to their direct and indirect customers i.e. competing on the basis of value rather than price, through improving customer productivity.
  3. pursuing a ‘product as a service’ business model thereby generating a growing stream of predictable income, resulting in less resource needing to be deployed on ongoing lead generation (which provides no value to customers) and more resource on product development (which benefits customers).
  4. potential to be grown to a value of at least £100m, and significantly beyond that figure with successful ongoing execution of the strategy.
  5. the business must have the ability to build partnership relationships with customers based on a) exceptional knowledge and b) being prepared to work with customers at the product development stage through to volume manufacturing.
  6. a team containing senior industry relevant experience gained within a large corporate

Premium Service

SMARTCO Research is a component of the SMARTCO Select service developed by Charles Breese’s company, Larpent Newton, to provide an investment service to investors interested in investing in SMARTCOs at an annual subscription is £250 pa (incl of VAT) offering the following benefits:
  • email alerts re new content added to
  • weekly newsletter
  • access to Audiovisual Content and research from, inter alia, Hardman & Co.
  • invitations to participate in fundraisings by SMARTCos which are within two years of targeting to IPO or are AIM listed
  • invitations to attend SMARTCO presentations organised by, inter alia, Hardman & Co.
  • enabling private investors to be treated similarly to institutional investors whilst being left in control of their investment decisions.
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